What is Alamo Reality?

Through a careful blending of technology and scholarship, the Alamo Reality VR project invites you to travel back in time. Explore the legendary siege of the Alamo. Inspect the mission grounds: walls, gates, barracks. Witness the reality behind the legend in a way never before possible.


The Alamo Reality VR initiative opens a powerful window on history made possible by today’s tablets and smartphones.  With interactive exhibits and souvenirs designed to enrich the visitor’s understanding with virtual reality playing cards and virtual board maps, as well as standalone AR/VR applications for tablets, phones and headsets.

Why the Alamo?

Ranked at #16 on on Travel & Leisure magazine’s list of 50 world destinations worth visiting, the Alamo Reality initiative tells the deeper-wider story of the siege that came to define Texas. With the deployment of cutting edge narrative technology, the broader context of history is not just deeper and wider, but more fully accessible to all ages. For 800,000 Texas students in the 4th and 7th grades who study the History of Texas for a full year, the Alamo AR/VR Experience provides a hallmark opportunity and an application that brings the history to life on their school devices.


The Alamo Reality experience celebrates the cultural diversity of Texas and San Antonio. Using emergent technology, the influence of Indian and Spanish colonialists, who lent important voice to the Alamo story, are featured with new prominence.


With 1.3 million visitors to the Alamo every year, the 2018 Tricentennial will boost record attendance to what is arguably the most renown historical site in Texas (The 2018 Tricentennial is a statewide event celebrating San Antonio and its founding as the first successful town in Texas).

Who is Imagine Virtua?

A project of this scope and significance requires a dream team of producers, writers, designers,

technologists, and leaders in the emerging field of AR/VR along with a skilled public relations strategist.


Based in San Antonio and Austin, the Alamo Reality team of professionals has the depth of experience and proven creative and technical skills to not only envision a groundbreaking project of this magnitude, but to develop it as a stunning masterwork of art, technology and immersive historical storytelling.


Our creative and technical team is always at the forefront of exciting, imaginative projects, whether creating visual effects for motion pictures and games for Miramax and Sony, providing historical guidance for feature films, leading professional software organizations, creating children’s television, designing interactive environments for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop or interactive learning titles for Discovery and Sesame Street.


The story of the Alamo has been told before, but never like this, where the audience is inside the story, meeting the participants, witnessing first-hand the heroism, raw emotion, and human tragedy of the event that gave birth to Texas.


With Alamo Reality, our storytellers tell the story of the famous little mission in Texas in a way that changes how people see the Alamo, San Antonio, and the History of Texas.

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